Monday, October 14, 2013

Back to Life

Baby Brother On The Way!
Well, after a crazy summer and early fall filled with family visits, roadtrips, playgroup activities, weddings and more - I've decided it's time to get back into the swing of things with this blog: especially now that we have another little guy expected to arrive this January!  Beyond this blog project, I also have a goal to start printing more photos and sending them out to much-annoyed family and friends that only have infant pictures of Sammy hanging on their walls (haha!  oops!).  ;)  And I also desperately need to start family albums to keep here at the house.  Despite my love for photography, I really don't focus on organizing our family photos nearly enough!

Anyway, here are some updated photos of Sam from the past few months, as well as some ultrasound pictures from our little baby boy due January 29th.  We couldn't be more excited for this baby to get here!  He's officially unnamed as of yet, but we lovingly and unofficially call him Spud Muffin.

 Cookies with Daddy

Sam went on a tour of a fire station and loved the fire trucks!
My cool dude
Auntie Em came down for summer vacation this year - SO FUN!
Safe to say - BABY TWO'S ON HIS WAY!

Snack and Juice and Wagon Walk

Hi Sam!
Breakfast on Father's Day <3  Sam really does have an AWESOME dad!

Baby Number Two made Mommy very sick EVERY DAY for three months.  haha!  Preggie Pop Drops were my saving grace!

Play Dough!!!

Popsicles on the beach

Sand Castles with Daddy

This summer we discovered Sam's love for corn on the cob  :)

...And his hatred for fireworks

First Oreo Grill

This summer, Sam became obsessed with matchbox cars.

This picture reminds me so much of The Scream:


That's better...a very cute profile shot of our newest addition.

Sammy and Daddy chillin' in the backyard

I'm really not sure what was so funny in this series of pictures, but something was...I love seeing these three together.

My sweet Sammy D

Big Brother to Bee :)

My friend, Kate, threw us an amazing reveal party to discover if we were having a boy or girl :)  IT'S A BOY!

The following weekend we had another celebration - Sam's 2nd Birthday Party!
Happy Birthday, Sam!

Roadtrip to NC for Aunt Nina's wedding

Too sunny for Sam

Fake pouty face because his blocks weren't working right

I love my guys!
Took Sammy to feed the ducks (and geese) at the same spot we'd take Kenny when he was the same age.  FLASHBACK!

They'll kill me for posting this picture (morning time before we left Charlotte - nobody showered and ready for their day), but I have to say my parents are such awesome grandparents.  Love seeing them play with Sam.

Mamie loving on Sammy
Hugs for Papa before heading back to Florida

I love this kid!
Here are some videos from the past few months:

He's a monkey.

Happy Birthday, Sammy!

Cool dude on a wagon walk.

Drinking from a real cup.  FAIL.

Chatting it up on the phone.

Beach Bum!

Sam's first whisk lick!

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