Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Toddler Time

Sam is growing fast.  He's just over a year and a half old now and toddlerhood is in full swing - tantrums happen every now and then and he's definitely entering a toddler "know-it-all" stage where he wants to assert his newly found independence, but overall, we can't complain.  He's a sweet boy and although he gets a little too big for his britches once in a while, he's a good listener and likes to be a good helper (with his own little version of "helping" haha!).  He likes to make his bed, put his clothes in the hamper and clean up his messes when he spills a drink or food.  He's always 'busy'.  He's also developing quite a vocabulary.  He doesn't put two words together yet (with the exception of 'choo choo'), but he loves saying words and tries to repeat everything we say. 

Enjoy these pictures and videos from the last couple months!

My bud and me

Trip to SeaWorld
Sam posing with Mommy's new plants

"Hey Mom...I went ahead and helped you plant your plants.  I know you told me to stay away from them, but figured you might need a hand anyway."

First Easter Egg Hunt
Sam met the Easter Bunny this year!  :D

Choo Choo!  His favorite thing in the world is a choo choo train.

VIDEO - Dinner and Dancing

Sweet Sammy D

My cool dude.

Just chillin', pants...but whatevs.

I told him to show me a he literally pointed to it.  lol

Samuel the Airplane Spotter --- he stops whatever he's doing when he hears a plane and points at it until he can't see it anymore and then says "bye!" and waves.  hahahaha!

VIDEO - Swinging at a friend's house

We spend lots of time in the backyard...blowing bubbles, playing, getting dirty and chasing chandler

One of his favorite things to do in the backyard is push this little ride-on toy all over the backyard.  He rarely sits on it - just pushes it.  LOL

VIDEO - Practicing his mad skills

Lovin' on Chandler  <3

Cool dude on the way to the zoo for the first time.  :)

Sam's First Power Wheels Toy

VIDEO - His new ride

At the New Smyrna Balloon and Sky Fest

Daddy and Sam watching the planes do tricks at the Balloon and Sky Fest


Feeding the birds at the zoo

Daddy is totally Ace Ventura in this picture

We got to feed a giraffe!!!  It was one of the coolest things John and I have ever done in our awesome!!!

Checking out the fishes at the zoo - he turned around to show us his "fishy face" to make sure we all knew there were fishes in there.  lol

Sam and a little friend watching the sea otters  :)

Daddy and Sammy strolling the zoo

Petting Zoo - big ol' tortoise

He was a sleepy guy

First "big boy" haircut - he's gotten a few haircuts already, but this was his first super short big boy cut.  I took him to a cool place just for kids where he got to sit in a car and watch a movie.  They had a ton of toys there and it was a lot of fun!  :)

Chandler checking out the new 'do'

He looks like he's 8-years-old now

Sam and Grandmom DiNardo


Showing off his new ride to Grandmom DiNardo

Sam and Grandmom Shirley

Another favorite backyard past-time is dragging this fire truck all over the yard by the ladder.  He's got several pull toys, and he thinks this is another one.

Such a helpful little dude.

He LOVES phones.  Grandmom DiNardo taught him how to answer it by saying "Hi-ya!"  So now he runs around the house and pretends to talk on the phone and says "Hi-ya!"  "Hi-ya!"  like an 18-month-old senior citizen.  lol


He likes to poke the bubble film and say "Pop Pop Pop!" as he pokes it


Laughing at Grandmom when he threw water on her.  Such a stinker.

Chandler break

The airplane spotter back at work.

Messy boy

"What, Grandmom?  Did you say you want me to throw more water on you?"

Sweeping up his water mess

Here's a little flashback to one year ago - April/May 2012

Daddy's Birthday Last Year --- Four Generations

Daddy's Birthday This Year --- Four Generations

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