Thursday, January 31, 2013

A New Year

Oh my God.  This kid.

November?  Really?  That's the last time I posted a blog.  As you can see - I don't get much computer time anymore. forward through the holidays (which were great!) and here we are - a new year!

Sam is 16 months old now - and he's becoming quite the parrot.  No bueno.  Time for mommy and daddy to watch their potty mouths.  This is the moment I've been dreading - I just don't see myself being the Milwaukee-esque  mom that says things like "Oh sugar!" or "What the fudge?!?"  :P  Wish me luck!

Here are some pictures and videos from the past couple months! :D

The very beginning of walking:  11/08/2013

Taking Grandmom DiNardo to the airport

Serenading Mommy

I could eat this kid UP!

What a crumby little kid.

We've started climbing...sort of.

Me and My Bud

Such a goob

Hi Sam!!!


Helping Mommy fold clothes

Sam's First Car Wash

Sam and Bingo

His favorite spot - the bathtub!

So great at sharing!

Not frowning - just chewing like a cow.  lol

Sam decided to sneeze right as I was putting a spoonful of yogurt in his mouth.  Ahhhh motherhood.

Boring video - but shows how well he can walk now!  :)

Sam watching his first presidential election very closely.

Shopping with Mommy
Sam's first trip to the fair!
Sam and Grandmom Shirley
Can I help you?

Fishy Face!  We do this thing we call "fishy kisses" where we make fish faces and give kisses.  He's too stinkin' cute when he does this!!!

LOL!  Fishy kisses!

Life of a toddler

Daddy...why do you want to take a nap?  Screaming is so much more fun!

Christmas pictures

Bahahahaha!  XD

First Haircut

Mahna Mahna - That's better!

Our big boy with his new haircut - munching on his snacks.  lol

Cousin Dylan and Sammy on Christmas Eve
Sam does not like roadtrips.
So serious

Sam in the sandbox at Amaya Papaya (play place).
Sam drinking sand.

Trip to IKEA - about to try some swedish meatballs.  lol




This video was taken last January - crazy how much they change in just one year!

One Year Ago

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