Saturday, October 6, 2012


Well...our baby is still our baby...but he's also a toddler now!  John and I are in agreement that this year did not fly by as you hear most people's been a nice LONG year for us and we've soaked up every second with this little Nugget.  However, it is amazing just how much he's changed in a year's time.  I think it's some kind of biological trick to trap you into having more babies - they just grow too quickly and POOF...before you know it there are no more gummy smiles - no more chubby leg rolls - no more sweet baby coos - and no more sleeping swaddled bundles in your arms.  *sigh*

Sometimes I look at pictures from a year ago and get bit by the nostalgia bug.  It's bittersweet to watch him grow, but I'm enjoying every minute of it.  Every stage brings a different kind of fun.  We are so in love with this kid and he brings us so much joy.  I remember when he was a newborn and one day he was screaming his head off and we were nervous and overly tired new parents trying to calm him down.  John looks over to me while holding the screaming baby wrapped in a little swaddled bundle and says, "Why do they call them bundles of JOY if they cry all the time?!?"  I said, "I think it's because they are supposed to bring US joy, Dear."  :)  And that he has.  We are so proud of him and he has completely filled our lives with joy.  We love you, Sammy D!  Happy Birthday!!!

The Birthday Throne and Smash Cake

Washtub Ducky Cake
This cake was surprisingly easy to make.  Click here to see where I got the cake idea.  I just used a Duncan Hines french vanilla boxed cake mix for the cake and I used this frosting recipe which was easy and quick!  We had ducky bath punch too, but I didn't get any pictures of that.  Here is the recipe for ducky bath punch.  It was really good!

Ducky Cookies
I love making iced sugar cookies...this lady is my total inspiration - Sweet Sugarbelle - The cookies she makes are AMAZING!  I only wish I was that creative!!!

Cookie Pops in a bucket from Michaels

I secured the cookie pops with lentils

Ducky Pieces (Reese's Pieces favors in baby food jars)

One happy birthday boy!
Somebody has a sweet tooth.

The beginning of these videos are a little messed up AND the audio is really out of sync (unresolved computer me when I say my live-in IT professional has gotten an earful about this.  ;-))...keep watching through the first few seconds and the actual video will show up.

Static Boy
I loved making my Number One guy's collage of pictures from his first year.  <3

Playing with his present from Mommy and Daddy...a water table.

This was one lucky kid with a whole birthday weekend.  He had his rubber ducky party on Saturday...then we did a quiet party at home on his actual birthday - the next day on Sunday.  He got to play in a whole other smash cake too...
Reflecting on his first year?  Possibly.   ...I know Mommy was.

You want a bite, Mom?

" own special cake two nights in a row?  I wonder if this will be a new nightly occurrence..."

After Sammy had his fill of cake, Mommy pretended she was going to clean up...and picked up the whole cake and smashed Daddy GOOD!  John had to take cake off his own face just to smash me back.  HAHA!

WARNING:  Buttercream frosting is EXTREMELY slippery!!!

Bahahaha!  I love him.  He's such a good sport!

I LOVE Sam's face in this picture!  :D

After our cake shenanigans, we went for a walk with Sam's super cool birthday present from Papa.  :D

Yup...pretty much sums up the weekend.

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