Monday, August 27, 2012

Where do I begin?

So much has been happening since my last blog post, I don't even know where to begin!!!  Every time I think about updating the blog, I get overwhelmed because there are just so many pictures and videos to go through!  I'm starting to realize SOMETHING is better than nothing at all here we go!

We're having an action-packed summer!  We've kept busy doing baby activities like storytime at the library, trips to the playground, Sam's first trip to the beach, etc.  We've also had a ton of visitors come to town and we took Sam's first road trip this summer to pick up Auntie Em and Uncle Kenny in Charlotte so they could come spend some of their summer vacation in Florida.  This summer Sam has also grown four new top teeth (he now has six teeth all together) and he's learned how to pull himself up in his crib, cruise the furniture and crawl ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!   

We've had a BUNCH of fun!  Here are some pictures over the last couple months (no particular order).

Staying cool in the summer...we spend a lot of time in his little kiddie pool.  :)

Sam was a little cautious with the waves, but don't let that fool you...he is DEFINITELY a water baby.  His two favorite things are bathtime and swimming in the pool!  :)  

First time at the beach
First time at the beach
Kiwi and Cheerio face!

oink oink!

He LOVES the playground swing!

Baby gates!  Poor Chandler always gets stuck on the wrong side.  He's not used to this yet.

My happy guy

My sleepy guy

What kind of face is THAT, Sammy?

It's a 'please stop taking my picture' face, Mom.


...Oh Sammy

That's better!  :D

Jabba The Hutt  LOL

We've got a stander!!!  :D

I love black beans!!!

First Road Trip!!!
Hard at work with Pop
Happy chillin' with Grammy

Checking out Auntie Em's braces
Pop and Sammy

Papa and Sammy

Grandmom Mamie and Sammy

Sammy and Aunt Nicki

Trying on shades...

Cool like Aunt Nicki B-)

"Why yes...I do find that quite interesting."

Chillin' in Papa's pool

On our way back to Florida with some crazy teenagers.
Oh...Hi Chandler!!!

Gotta put these teenagers to work!

I recently fell in love with's one of the photos from there.  It's a cool app.

Me and my sista from anotha mista

Grocery shopping with Daddy

GEEK SQUAD --- making Daddy proud!

Time to bake some brownies!

Auntie Em...can I haves your phone?

This is how we wake up lazy teenagers in the afternoon

Sammy's latest fascination is pushing his toys along the floor while he crawls.  LOL

This is what I see 99% of the time I look down...I always have a monkey on my leg.

Me and Em...we are rockstars...didn't you know?

...oh kenny

gotta keep these crazy teenagers in line
I love CARROTS!!!

Oh Sam!

Sour face - eating a clue what's with that face

Grandmom Shirley and Sammy

Aunt Nina came to visit!
Aunt Mary turns in to the most fun swing ever!

The day he turned 10 months old.  My sweetie pie.

Shopping with teenagers

My buddy and me
Bottle time!
Crawling all over!

Cruising the door

A couple of my top guys.  I love these two.  <3

Here's some raspberries for your face, Uncle Kenny!


Those two used to be the babies not so long ago!!!

My sweet Sammy boy

We're starting to use big boy cups!

Sammy and Snuggle Bear

Sammy and Daddy


Rubber're the one.

My baby is going to be ONE next month!  In some ways it feels like just yesterday he was other ways this has been the longest year of my life...there hasn't been another time in my life that I've been so focused on soaking up every second of every day.  I'm so happy I thought to do this from the beginning so it wouldn't all fly by too fast for me. 
 I love being a mom!!!

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