Monday, April 30, 2012

Busy April

April's been a busy month!  Easter, birthdays, out-of-town guests, and soaking up every minute we can of this beautiful weather!  Today marks a special day...we now have a SEVEN MONTH OLD!!!  In some ways I feel that time has flown by, but in other ways I'm grateful we prepared ahead-of-time to face the bittersweet reality that little ones change so quickly - I know we've done our very best, so far, at treasuring every moment we've spent with Sam because we knew it would go by fast.  I truly enjoy every single second of being a mom (sleepless nights and poopy diapers included).  For those of you that know me well, you know this is the time I've waited for my whole life - and it was worth the wait.  I'm having the time of my life with the two best guys a girl could ask for.

Ok...I'm done being a cornball now...

enjoy the photos and videos:
there are a million
Sam and his GrandMama (John's Grandmom)
She thinks it's hilarious when he yells.  :)

Grandpa Jerry (John's stepdad) and Sam

Sam, Nana and Grandpa

Sock puller
No teeth yet, but those tooth bumps on the bottom are getting bigger every day!  Last night John and I could both see a tiny little white ridge under the gums!
Motor Boat Face

For years, when John would do something funny or crazy I would say, "You're nuts!" and he would reply "You're bolts!" was just something we'd always say - he was nuts and I was bolts. Then one day, when Sam came along, I was shopping for baby clothes and saw this perfect is this?!?

Give me that camera!

My Snuggle Bum
Sam at his friend, Brayden's, birthday party.

Sam watching all the kids run around at the party


Sam relaxing with Daddy while Mommy ran around snapping photos of all the fun.  :D

Sammy and Daddy

Watching the birthday boy dig into his cake...your time is coming soon enough, Sammy!
Somebody had fun with a cupcake at the birthday party - it's practice for his big day.

Ok...can you tell I was excited about this?  I'm such a psycho.

The apple of my eye.

phone dump:

Ready for our walk!
Lazy day in the backyard

We love chillin' in the backyard

Sam can do big-boy things now - like ride in shopping carts.  :)

Me and My Buddy

My love!

Jumperoo Boy

One sick Mommy...

We had playtime on Mommy's bed a lot while she was sick. 
What you lookin' at?

Raise your hand if you love having all the windows open!

Chubby Checker in the backyard

Good Morning!!!

My shopping buddy.  :)

Sam is such a good kid when you take him to restaurants...a little nosey, but very good.

John's birthday dinner at BJ's...this is four generations of DiNardos  :)  So happy John's mom (Mom-Mom) could make it for his birthday!

Grandmama, Daddy and Sam

Cupcake in Grandmama's teeth, John looks drunk, and Sam could care less about the camera, but Mom-Mom looks great!  LOL

Monday, April 9, 2012

My Best Bunny

If I try really hard.... Yup!  I think I can see the ears!

Mom, can you please explain one more time why I have to wear these?

Because you're so cute smile.  Ok

My Easter Bunny

The pictures below are from Sam's first bath sitting up in the kitchen sink.  He LOVED it!!!

Hi Sam!

He's so ornery.

I have a bunch of pictures lined up on my counter so I can look at them while I do the dishes.  A few of my favorites are above Sam's head in this photo.  Left to right they are:  my favorite ultrasound picture (we call it the Who from Whoville's where the 'who' came from in Sam's nickname, Sammy D Who Nugget), my favorite picture of Chandler, and a sweet photo of Sam when he was three weeks old.

Chillin' like a villian in the sink.

Reaching for the camera...this happens often.  I have a ton of pictures of him with this pose...I call it the Zombie Pose.



Peek-A-Boo, Sam!
In other news, Sam had his six month check-up at the doctor's office the other day.  He weighs 19lbs 5oz (75th percentile for weight) and he is 26.5 inches long (50th percentile for height).  And my 'little' six month old is moving into size 12 months clothes!  He's almost outgrown size 6-9 months.  A big thanks to his buddy Khaleel (and my buddy, Khaleel's mom, Crystal) for handing down some size 12 months clothes.  I don't know how people afford kids without hand-me-downs!!!