Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nugget Turns Five Months Old!

Ok...this post is about a week late, but I have a fairly good three-part excuse.

1) February doesn't have enough days.
  I usually take nice photos of Sam on the 30th of every month (his monthly "birthday") and post them on the blog...well then February came along and, leap year or not, it fell short and messed me up.

2) We had company in town.  I'm not sure if this is a valid excuse...but this is supposed to be a three-part excuse, so it will have to do.

3) My camera was dead and I couldn't find my spare battery and charger.  Yes...I have more than one camera, but my favorite one was dead...I finally found the charger in my desk drawer.  Who would've thought to look there.  ;)

Without further ado, here is my handsome five-month-old:

Oh...and by the way...I gave birth to my husband. doesn't sound right...but it looks to be true.  Daddy is a little older than Sam in this picture, but the resemblance cannot be denied.

Some people say he looks like me, but I think the only thing he gets from me is maybe the shape his eyes and eyebrows take when he smiles...

Here's some more pictures of our big boy five-month-old:

He loves grabbing those toes.

Really, dude?

He was desperately trying to grab my camera in this picture.  It required all of his focus...and apparently his tongue.
This also shows his sheer determination to grab the camera.  LOL

And looking back:

I took his five month photos on the same chair where I took his one month photos...It definitely made me reminisce about how far my sweet baby has come in just four months. 


  1. I remember that picture of Johnny! I don't know how it's possible but he has BOTH of your eyes!!
    Love, Aunt Lisa

  2. Happy Birthday Baby Sam! You keep getting cuter and cuter! Hopefully one of these days your Mommy will bring you down to Daytona so we can all meet you! XO Erica