Friday, March 23, 2012

Marching Right Along...

I've been such a slacker lately with blog posts!  It's not that there's nothing to update you on...because there is plenty!  Sam is changing more and more every day. 
  • He knows when you're being silly and will flash you big grins when you dance around or make funny faces.  
  • He LOVES when you snap your fingers while you sing.  
  • He laughs so hard at the strangest things...the other night when I was eating dinner, he was sitting on my lap and let out the hardiest belly laugh each time I would put food on my fork.  I still have no idea what he thought was so funny, but John and I got a huge kick out of it.  
  • He's a little roly poly and rolls all over the living room floor now...although, he still only rolls in one direction.  haha!  
  • His favorite foods - hands down - are squash and sweet potatoes.  Although he's developed a strong liking for avocado mixed with banana (but he doesn't care for either of those things separately...only when they're mixed together).  Tomorrow we're trying pears...we'll see how that goes.  
So what else has been going on in March?  Check out some photos below...more to come soon (and videos).  Next time I won't be such a slacker in posting these...I still have so many photos on my phone to go through too.  I'll catch up... eventually.

Sam met his cousin Dylan...and Clifford.

Ugh!  I wish they lived cute is this?!?
Dylan, (Clifford), Aunt Angi, and Sammy

Sam became a belly sleeper when he started rolling over.  Pretty much at five months old on the dot he started doing this...and Mommy lost a lot of sleep that first week constantly checking to see if he was breathing.  These doctors have scared me out of my mind warning against belly sleeping and SIDS...I just have to keep reminding myself of all us kids that grew up being put on our stomachs to sleep and we're all fine!
The good thing about him sleeping on his stomach?  Ever since he started doing this, he sleeps through the night EVERY NIGHT!  It's great!!!
The bad thing about him sleeping on his stomach?  This means he rolls all over his crib and little arms and legs get stuck in the rails sometimes and he wakes up very angry.  haha!
I love these toes.

Helping Daddy on the computer...notice he has his own keyboard (not plugged in).  He loves beating on the keys.  lol

Aunt Nicki came to visit!!!

Hey Mom!  She's stealing my food!
While she was here, Aunt Nicki got an awesome new haircut!!!
Here's the video of the haircut...this has been talked about for YEARS and she finally did it!!!  :D


On a side note...look at this massive horse fly I found the other day...thank God it was outside!

All done with my nap!

Hi Mom!

Practicing sitting up

Let me out!


Sam LOVES Chandler.  Chandler gets WAY more smiles and giggles than John and I do on any given day...and he doesn't even have to try!!!

This looks tasty!

Grammy...I'm so glad you made this blanket for me to eat!
What are you doing, Sam?

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