Monday, February 27, 2012

Giggles and Poo Catchers

Rounding that five-month corner, our little Nugget has started to giggle like the best of them!  Some things that pull his giggle strings are playing peek-a-boo and watching Mommy blow bubbles with bubble gum.  He's also the most ticklish kid I've ever met. 

Peek-a-Boo Giggles 
(59 second mark is pretty funny when Sam karate kicks his tray and the camera falls down)

First time falling asleep in his high chair.  :)

Another new thing: rolling like a champ.  A little over a week ago, Sam rolled over for the first time (belly to back)...yesterday he rolled from back to belly for the first time and now there's no stopping him...any time you put him on his back, he ends up on his belly and vice versa...we're still waiting for him to learn that rolling can be a mode of transportation...until then, we're savoring these last few days of immobility.
And last...but certainly...and undeniably NOT least:  Ladies and Gentlemen gather 'round to witness the amazing, the courageous, the one-of-a-kind super dad - THE POO CATCHER!!!

I am still not quite sure exactly what was running through his head...but after putting in the hard work to give Sam a bath, I can only surmise that John was desperately trying to save Sam's clean bath water and possibly save himself from having to wash Sam all over again (apparently at any cost).  Regardless of his reasoning, the parent-of-the-year award goes to my husband...always thinking on his feet...The Poo Catcher!

Warning:  this video is a little louder than the previous two (much more excitement) you might want to turn your volume slightly down.

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  1. Oh my gosh, Jen! One of my favorite blog posts ever! That pic of you and Sam at the top is wonderful, you look amazing! :) I have to be honest, I got a HUGE kick out of Sam kicking the tray and knocking the camera over! ...more so than the poo catcher, but I am going to go watch it again. Andrew was screaming before when I watched it, so maybe I will find it funnier with sound, LOL