Monday, February 27, 2012

Giggles and Poo Catchers

Rounding that five-month corner, our little Nugget has started to giggle like the best of them!  Some things that pull his giggle strings are playing peek-a-boo and watching Mommy blow bubbles with bubble gum.  He's also the most ticklish kid I've ever met. 

Peek-a-Boo Giggles 
(59 second mark is pretty funny when Sam karate kicks his tray and the camera falls down)

First time falling asleep in his high chair.  :)

Another new thing: rolling like a champ.  A little over a week ago, Sam rolled over for the first time (belly to back)...yesterday he rolled from back to belly for the first time and now there's no stopping him...any time you put him on his back, he ends up on his belly and vice versa...we're still waiting for him to learn that rolling can be a mode of transportation...until then, we're savoring these last few days of immobility.
And last...but certainly...and undeniably NOT least:  Ladies and Gentlemen gather 'round to witness the amazing, the courageous, the one-of-a-kind super dad - THE POO CATCHER!!!

I am still not quite sure exactly what was running through his head...but after putting in the hard work to give Sam a bath, I can only surmise that John was desperately trying to save Sam's clean bath water and possibly save himself from having to wash Sam all over again (apparently at any cost).  Regardless of his reasoning, the parent-of-the-year award goes to my husband...always thinking on his feet...The Poo Catcher!

Warning:  this video is a little louder than the previous two (much more excitement) you might want to turn your volume slightly down.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Sweet Potato Eating Rolling Nugget

We had a big weekend!  Sam rolled over for the first time (tummy to back) AND had his first vegetable (sweet potatoes)!  Although he was unsure of his sweet potatoes at first, he ended up loving them and polished off the bowl.  :)  I made his sweet potato baby food (instructions below).  Enjoy the photos and videos!

Who needs an alarm clock...when you have me!!!

I'm ready!!!



 The first bite!
Rolling over for the first time!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Daddy's Boy

Just another ordinary day.  Here's some photos and a few videos.  Enjoy!  :D

Daddy's home!!!

Showing Daddy some videos from our day at home.

Dinner time!




Feeding Sam

Sammy trying to sit up.  :)

Kind of a long video, but it shows his blossoming ability to blow raspberries and also this funny guppy fish face he makes with his lips.  His gums are bothering him because he's teething and he is always sucking in his lips now.  haha!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be Mine

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I put a little extra love into my mashed potatoes tonight (fried potato hearts) <3
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A little extra something for my valentine...a six pack of Bud wrapped up in tissue paper to look like roses...I put a note on them that said "These buds are for you!"  ;)
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My Valentine <3

P.S.  I didn't take a picture of it, but my valentine surprised me with a beautiful heart-shaped necklace this morning!  :D  He's the best!!!  <3

Monday, February 13, 2012


Let the teething begin!  Poor Sam has been in complete misery for the last two days - rosy red cheeks, drooly, frustrated, tired, not hungry.  :(  Oh...did I mention screaming at the top of his lungs every chance he gets?  Poor baby even screams at bath time...his favorite time of day.  He's not himself.  :/

As you can see - no teeth poking through yet; but soon those gums will be bare no more.  :)

mini phone dump:
My little teether
Ready for my rice cereal, Mom.


Poor Nug :(

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sam's Happy Voice

Mommy's had a headache for two days straight...

Why, you ask?

Because Sam has discovered his happy also doubles as his angry voice (just becomes a much louder volume in the latter form).  So basically this is the little whale song I listen to all day long.

He can easily hit some Mariah Carey octaves.

Haha!  This is Daddy and Sam communicating via Sam's new language - Squeak.  John and him were squeaking back and forth and then I grabbed the video camera...I think John is less than thrilled that this is on video.  LOL  But he's such a great sport.  ;)

Sam and Daddy Time

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Time For Solids!

Sam ate his first solid food today!  On the menu: Rice Cereal.  Yum-O!!!  ...well he didn't think so, but I think it will grow on him.  ;)

Daddy and Sammy using their geek gift from Santa - Star Trek feeding set.  :)

Not too crazy about rice cereal

You see's not so bad!

Mom...why are you making me eat this?

Rice cereal is INTENSE!


VIDEO - Sam's First Solid Food!

Please excuse the horrible video quality!  Mommy didn't check the resolution settings before recording...his first vegetable will be in a couple more weeks...I'll make it up to you guys then! 
VIDEO FLASHBACK - Geek Christmas Video

Friday, February 3, 2012

Sleep Training Mommy

Sam went to the pediatrician yesterday for his four month check-up.  My little chunky monkey weighs a hefty 16lbs 12oz (almost 10lbs more than when he was born!).  I was worried he was getting a little too chubby - whenever we're out people comment on how big he is for a four-month-old.  I was pleasantly surprised when the pediatrician said he was PERFECT!  He's in the 85th percentile for his weight and she was thrilled about that.  ...Go Sam!

The doctor asked how he was doing sleeping through the night...hmmmm....he wasn't.  Lately, Sam's been fighting sleep and usually wakes up every 3-4 hours chewing on his hands and "talking" - I usually feed him and he goes right back to sleep.  He also usually sleeps in our room in his pack-n-play next to the bed (he outgrew his little cradle a couple weeks ago).  The pediatrician recommended sleep training him with the Cry-It-Out (CIO) method.  This involves doing a bedtime routine at night, picking a bedtime, laying him down even if he's crying and just go in and check on him at certain time intervals reassuring him that you're still there...but NO picking him up!

I started realizing that it may be time for him to start sleeping in his crib at night - all night.  Ever since he was about six-weeks-old, I would put him in his crib for naps and for the first part of his nightly sleep so that he could get used to sleeping there.  At night, when John and I were ready for bed (around 11pm), I would scoop up sleeping Sam and take him to our room and put him in his cradle next to our bed.

Well...last night was his first night in his crib ALL NIGHT LONG.  How is the sleep training going so far?  Great for Sam...not so great for Mommy.  Sam fell right to sleep at 8:30pm last night - NO TEARS!  Mommy spent the next three hours studying sleep training methods for babies and working on Sam's baby book.  Then it was time for Mommy to go to bed.  I reluctantly left Sam in his crib and walked sadly to the other side of the house, turned up the baby monitor loud enough to hear Sam breathing, put the baby monitor in his pack-n-play next to my bed and sobbed.  I couldn't sleep at all.  Finally Sam woke up at 1:30am to eat.  I fed him (it had been 5 hours since he went to bed which is considered a good nighttime stretch for a four-month-old)...he went right back to sleep in his crib.  But Mommy was too sad to march all the way across the house to her she slept on the couch right outside Sam's room for the rest of the night with the baby monitor loud enough to hear him breathing.  :(

Apparently we are sleep training Mommy - not Sam.

Jumping in the Jumperoo!

My Gooberific Billy Bob