Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Trucking Along to Four Months!


It's been a little while since my last blog post updating you on Sam's happenings.  The little man is almost four months old!   Our fairly quiet baby is beginning to make his presence KNOWN.  He's found his "voice" and loves to use it.  He's still a happy little munchkin, but he's a very loud little munchkin.  He also loves sitting up and taking in the world now.  He doesn't like to lay down "like a little baby" anymore.  I'm finding this stage difficult because he's smack dab in the middle of newborn vegetable and independent sitter.  He's not quite old enough to sit up in a restaurant high chair or grocery cart unassisted, but he's old enough to hate sitting in his carseat carrier when we go out.  It's not bad when we're moving (like walking around a store), but if we have to be still (like at a restaurant or in a checkout line), he's not a happy camper.  I have to load up my "bag of tricks" (that's what I call the diaper bag) with all kinds of toys to try to distract him.  It doesn't stop us from getting out and enjoying ourselves though...Mommy would go crazy if she was cooped up in the house all day everyday.  ;)

A while back I did a post that included a list of Sam's nicknames (click here to view).  The list is ever-growing like our little guy.  Nugget is still the most prominent one...but Coo-Coo-Cachoo is in a close second.  Here are some others that make the daily roll call:

  • GURGoyle (he thinks he's so funny when he makes this funny gurgling noise)
  • Drool Monster
  • Nug-In-A-Rug (when he wears his zipped up sleeper/wearable blankets)
  • Our Sticky Little Gum Drop (from the cutest book ever - You Are My Cupcake)
  • Stinkeroo
  • Stink Bug
  • Cuddle Bug

My happy guy.

Sometimes my happy guy isn't so happy.  :(

Oh I'm sorry...are we keeping you up?

His fingers are always in his mouth. LOL

Looking out the window while jumping in his Jumperoo is one of his favorite things to do.  :)

Hi Sam!

This is for Auntie Em :)
Ohhh that happy little Nugg
Helping Daddy fix a laptop.

Hard at work!

Seriously tired

Jumperoo Time

So ornery.  lol
My sweet sweet boy



Sam crying for the first time from being startled.

Good Morning, Sammy!  I used the front-facing camera on my phone, so he was watching himself as the video was recording.  

January 25th + Florida = 80 Degrees

My little hodge-podge passed out after our walk.

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  1. Oh my, so much personality! He looks just like Dad too. Great post Jen!