Monday, January 30, 2012

Four-Month-Old Fighter we are at four months!!!  ...and four months has brought out the FIGHTER in our little nugget.  Just when we thought we had it all figured out - BAM!  Sam throws a monkey wrench in our somewhat normal routine.  We've had a very easy baby so far.  He even decided to put himself on a very respectable schedule early on.  Since he was about six weeks old, Sam has been sleeping for about 12 hours a night (waking up every few to eat) and he usually takes three naps during the day (morning, noon and evening).  Not to mention, if we were out-and-about, he would fall asleep ANYWHERE (restaurants, grocery store, in his car-seat, while a 'stranger' held him, on a friend's couch, etc.).  I would BRAG incessantly to people about how great of a sleeper he was - I could just lay him down in his crib or cradle and walk away while he was still awake and he would put himself to sleep!!!  NO CRYING!!! 

Well...guess what folks.  My easy-like-Sunday-morning days are OVER!  

Sam is now starting to notice EVERYTHING...little things - like when Mommy leaves the room.  Ugh!  He's pretty good when he's well-rested.  He can keep himself entertained looking at toys and babbling to himself, but if he's tired - LOOK OUT!  He fights sleep like a champ (he even lets out a yell everytime he starts to yawn so he can stop it before it comes out!!!)...and when he finally does give in to the Z's, he screams bloody murder if I lay him down and leave the room.  I know every parent out there knows exactly what I'm talking about...I guess the real work begins now.  We have to start making those judgement calls - "do I go in and soothe him a little?" - "do I let him cry a little longer and maybe he'll fall asleep?"  I know this is only the very beginning of parenting choices and judgement calls we'll have to make...

The fun begins!  ;)

Taken on his last day of being three months.  :)

My sweet baby.

Drool MoNsTeR!


Clyde the Bear was a Christmas present from Aunt Nicki. We love Clyde.  :)

Sam and his tiny hiney are four months old!!!

Enjoy these videos!

Sam usually laughs like a nut when I bounce him on my knee and I wanted to get it on camera, but this time he was more self-absorbed with his image on the video camera.  John was recording him using the self-record feature, so Sam was just staring at himself the whole time.  LOL

And looking back...

I found this video hiding on our iPad.  Please excuse my horrible appearance...this was less than 24 hours after I gave birth.  haha!


  1. Happy Birthday Sam! Great pictures Jennifer, he's totally adorable. =)

    Hang in there Mama. Gabriel usually goes through phases with sleep. Some times he's easy, sometimes not so much. It usually is a few weeks...then change. Hopefully Sam is just going through a phase.

  2. Yikes! I am sorry to hear about the sleeping troubles. Hopefully it's just a phase that he'll outgrow soon. The pictures are SO freaking cute!! :) Love you guys!