Sunday, January 8, 2012

Are you my mother?

Are you my mother?
So...funny story.

I get a call the other day - there was a woman on the other line.  She asks, "Is this so-and-so's mom?"  I didn't quite hear what she said or the name she said, so I asked her to repeat herself.  She says, "Is this so-and-so's mom?  Or is his dad around?".  I still didn't quite understand the name she said, but the first thing that went through my mind is this woman is probably looking for one of her son's friend's moms or maybe it's a teacher at a school calling some trouble-maker's parents.  I told her she had the wrong number and hung up the phone.

The strange call was still on my mind for a few minutes after I hung up.  Then Sammy started crying and I look over at him and say....."OOOOHHHHHHH!!!!  SAMUEL'S mom!!!!"  Apparently, it was the pediatrician's office calling to confirm his appointment Monday.

I don't think I'm quite used to the idea that I'm someone's mom yet.  ;-P


Enjoy the pictures and videos!!!
(Be sure to click the links for the YouTube Videos in this post...I've been having issues posting all my videos on this blog site, so I'm uploading some to YouTube.)

Bumbo is serious business.


For all the grandmas out there.  ;)

My little monkey

First time in his playpen.  :D

Cutie pie

VIDEO - Chatting With Sam

VIDEO - Tickling Sammy

VIDEO - A little puky

Well after the puky mishap, we headed off to his room to change his clothes and clean him up a little bit... what I thought would be a quick clean-up turned into mayhem.  Sam decided to poop all over the it was off to the bath tub.  This is what happens right after bath time:

Bath time always makes him sleepy

Sleepy baby

VIDEO - JUMPEROO TIME!!!  ...or is it?

Emma needs to find a new spot.

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  1. Good job Jenny. This is one of the best ways to capture memories. Very nice again, and sure, we want to see more ;) .