Monday, January 30, 2012

Four-Month-Old Fighter we are at four months!!!  ...and four months has brought out the FIGHTER in our little nugget.  Just when we thought we had it all figured out - BAM!  Sam throws a monkey wrench in our somewhat normal routine.  We've had a very easy baby so far.  He even decided to put himself on a very respectable schedule early on.  Since he was about six weeks old, Sam has been sleeping for about 12 hours a night (waking up every few to eat) and he usually takes three naps during the day (morning, noon and evening).  Not to mention, if we were out-and-about, he would fall asleep ANYWHERE (restaurants, grocery store, in his car-seat, while a 'stranger' held him, on a friend's couch, etc.).  I would BRAG incessantly to people about how great of a sleeper he was - I could just lay him down in his crib or cradle and walk away while he was still awake and he would put himself to sleep!!!  NO CRYING!!! 

Well...guess what folks.  My easy-like-Sunday-morning days are OVER!  

Sam is now starting to notice EVERYTHING...little things - like when Mommy leaves the room.  Ugh!  He's pretty good when he's well-rested.  He can keep himself entertained looking at toys and babbling to himself, but if he's tired - LOOK OUT!  He fights sleep like a champ (he even lets out a yell everytime he starts to yawn so he can stop it before it comes out!!!)...and when he finally does give in to the Z's, he screams bloody murder if I lay him down and leave the room.  I know every parent out there knows exactly what I'm talking about...I guess the real work begins now.  We have to start making those judgement calls - "do I go in and soothe him a little?" - "do I let him cry a little longer and maybe he'll fall asleep?"  I know this is only the very beginning of parenting choices and judgement calls we'll have to make...

The fun begins!  ;)

Taken on his last day of being three months.  :)

My sweet baby.

Drool MoNsTeR!


Clyde the Bear was a Christmas present from Aunt Nicki. We love Clyde.  :)

Sam and his tiny hiney are four months old!!!

Enjoy these videos!

Sam usually laughs like a nut when I bounce him on my knee and I wanted to get it on camera, but this time he was more self-absorbed with his image on the video camera.  John was recording him using the self-record feature, so Sam was just staring at himself the whole time.  LOL

And looking back...

I found this video hiding on our iPad.  Please excuse my horrible appearance...this was less than 24 hours after I gave birth.  haha!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Trucking Along to Four Months!


It's been a little while since my last blog post updating you on Sam's happenings.  The little man is almost four months old!   Our fairly quiet baby is beginning to make his presence KNOWN.  He's found his "voice" and loves to use it.  He's still a happy little munchkin, but he's a very loud little munchkin.  He also loves sitting up and taking in the world now.  He doesn't like to lay down "like a little baby" anymore.  I'm finding this stage difficult because he's smack dab in the middle of newborn vegetable and independent sitter.  He's not quite old enough to sit up in a restaurant high chair or grocery cart unassisted, but he's old enough to hate sitting in his carseat carrier when we go out.  It's not bad when we're moving (like walking around a store), but if we have to be still (like at a restaurant or in a checkout line), he's not a happy camper.  I have to load up my "bag of tricks" (that's what I call the diaper bag) with all kinds of toys to try to distract him.  It doesn't stop us from getting out and enjoying ourselves though...Mommy would go crazy if she was cooped up in the house all day everyday.  ;)

A while back I did a post that included a list of Sam's nicknames (click here to view).  The list is ever-growing like our little guy.  Nugget is still the most prominent one...but Coo-Coo-Cachoo is in a close second.  Here are some others that make the daily roll call:

  • GURGoyle (he thinks he's so funny when he makes this funny gurgling noise)
  • Drool Monster
  • Nug-In-A-Rug (when he wears his zipped up sleeper/wearable blankets)
  • Our Sticky Little Gum Drop (from the cutest book ever - You Are My Cupcake)
  • Stinkeroo
  • Stink Bug
  • Cuddle Bug

My happy guy.

Sometimes my happy guy isn't so happy.  :(

Oh I'm sorry...are we keeping you up?

His fingers are always in his mouth. LOL

Looking out the window while jumping in his Jumperoo is one of his favorite things to do.  :)

Hi Sam!

This is for Auntie Em :)
Ohhh that happy little Nugg
Helping Daddy fix a laptop.

Hard at work!

Seriously tired

Jumperoo Time

So ornery.  lol
My sweet sweet boy



Sam crying for the first time from being startled.

Good Morning, Sammy!  I used the front-facing camera on my phone, so he was watching himself as the video was recording.  

January 25th + Florida = 80 Degrees

My little hodge-podge passed out after our walk.

Monday, January 16, 2012

12 years!

Twelve years ago today I went out on a first date with a great guy that would become my best friend.  Here's to each of those years spent with the love of my life.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Are you my mother?

Are you my mother?
So...funny story.

I get a call the other day - there was a woman on the other line.  She asks, "Is this so-and-so's mom?"  I didn't quite hear what she said or the name she said, so I asked her to repeat herself.  She says, "Is this so-and-so's mom?  Or is his dad around?".  I still didn't quite understand the name she said, but the first thing that went through my mind is this woman is probably looking for one of her son's friend's moms or maybe it's a teacher at a school calling some trouble-maker's parents.  I told her she had the wrong number and hung up the phone.

The strange call was still on my mind for a few minutes after I hung up.  Then Sammy started crying and I look over at him and say....."OOOOHHHHHHH!!!!  SAMUEL'S mom!!!!"  Apparently, it was the pediatrician's office calling to confirm his appointment Monday.

I don't think I'm quite used to the idea that I'm someone's mom yet.  ;-P


Enjoy the pictures and videos!!!
(Be sure to click the links for the YouTube Videos in this post...I've been having issues posting all my videos on this blog site, so I'm uploading some to YouTube.)

Bumbo is serious business.


For all the grandmas out there.  ;)

My little monkey

First time in his playpen.  :D

Cutie pie

VIDEO - Chatting With Sam

VIDEO - Tickling Sammy

VIDEO - A little puky

Well after the puky mishap, we headed off to his room to change his clothes and clean him up a little bit... what I thought would be a quick clean-up turned into mayhem.  Sam decided to poop all over the it was off to the bath tub.  This is what happens right after bath time:

Bath time always makes him sleepy

Sleepy baby

VIDEO - JUMPEROO TIME!!!  ...or is it?

Emma needs to find a new spot.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had fun ringing in the new year!  We had a great time with close friends and some family celebrating five years of marriage and Sam's first New Year!  :)  New Years Eve is my favorite day of the year...and this year was extra special, not just because it was Sam's first New Year, but also because our good friends, Jenn and Matt welcomed a beautiful baby boy, Andrew James, to the world the morning of New Years Eve!!!  Congratulations to them and the journey of parenthood that lies ahead!  :D

Sam's new friend, Andrew.


I was hoping to put up a Christmas post AND a "Sam turns 3 months old" post earlier in the week, but things have been a little hectic around here - so I will just have to smash them all into one post.  :)

Christmas day was a lot of fun around was also very busy.  Phone calls, video chats, Sam's long naps, and cooking Christmas dinner meant we didn't get to finish opening all the presents on Christmas day.  So we had to stretch Christmas over a few days...which worked out for the best because Grandmom Mamie and Uncle Kenny came to town a few days after Christmas, which is when Sam finished opening all his presents from Santa.  Haha!

Sam also turned THREE MONTHS OLD on December 30th!  :D  Here are some three-month-old big boy stuff he does now:
  • Chews on his hands CONSTANTLY!
  • Drools up a storm - within ten minutes of wearing a clean shirt, it is soaked!
  • He is very ticklish and giggles like crazy when you tickle his thighs and neck
  • Sitting up is a breeze - well almost...he needs a little support (usually from his bumbo seat)
  • Rolling over hasn't happened yet, but it's coming soon...Sam does these little "half-rolls" that keep us on our toes
  • Sam has discovered his voice and seems to thoroughly enjoy shrieking.  He loves to giggle and coo also and WE LOVE IT TOO!!! 
  • One of his favorite new toys is a mobile we recently got for his plays a light show and he LOVES talking to his new mobile and flashing it huge smiles!
  • One big change that has happened in the last couple weeks - his sleep schedule is finally predictable!  He's a great sleeper - averaging about 12 hours a night, waking up about twice to eat and then goes right back to sleep.  It's GREAT!!!  :D

Here are some photos and videos to catch up on from the last week:

Sam asleep in his swing on Christmas Eve

Santa came to our house for the first time  :)

Snoozing away on Christmas Eve

Sam with some of his presents from Mom-Mom

Video chatting it up with Mom-Mom on Christmas day

Some presents from Aunt Angi, Uncle Tony and Cousin Dylan

Another present from Aunt Angi, Uncle Tony and Cousin Dylan

Sam looking a little jealous that Santa put an eye-glass case in Daddy's stocking

One of his favorite Christmas presents.  :)

VIDEO - "Sammy and the Dancing Dog"

VIDEO - "A Geek Christmas" :

Christmas Dinner

Uncle Kenny came to visit for New Years!!!  :)

Sammy and his Grandmom Mamie

Our big boy on the day he turned three months old!!!

Three months old!!!

Happy day!  :)

He's so gangsta.

My sweet boy is THREE MONTHS OLD!!!  :D