Saturday, December 24, 2011

HO Ho ho

It's Christmas Eve!  Santa will be visiting Sammy for the first time tonight...we are totally excited!  :)  Sam visited Santa at the mall last week and also got his first Christmas stocking.  We're all set!

In other news...Sammy has officially started laughing when you tickle him.  He's also started "complaining" in the evenings when it gets close to bedtime (see videos below).

Here are a bunch of pictures and videos from the past couple weeks since my last blog post...enjoy!

Waking up is hard to do

...aaannndd  he's back to sleep.

I love this munckin!

Hey Sam!

Good Morning, Burrito!

I love snuggling with him.

King Kong Baby!!!

Sam and Ted

Be careful, Ted...he's hungry.

Aunt Nicki came to visit!!!  :D

Sam picked out his first Christmas tree!  :D

Daddy loaded it up on the van :)

Well hello my little elf.


Looks like he's ready to go down the chimney.  haha!

ho ho ho!

Sammy's first stocking!

Santa and Nuggz...they look all gangsta together in this picture.
 Sam Complains A lot

Good Morning, Sam!

Tickling Sam :)


  1. Awesome, love the site. Can't wait to meet Sam some day. Sad thing is, we'd both have to be visiting Phila. at the same time.

  2. Love the videos and pics. Miss little sammy.

  3. Merry Christmas Jennifer! I know you enjoyed it as much as I did. Sam looks adorable in his Christmas outfit! XOXO