Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Two Months Old!

Today Sam turned two months old!  He's full of smiles these days and is learning how to talk (...well babble)...and I'm LOVING every second of watching him grow!  Here are some photos from his big milestone today.  I'm also including some photos at the bottom from the past week (Thanksgiving week).  Sam was lucky enough to see almost ALL of his grandparents this holiday...which is pretty cool considering they live 500-1000 miles away!!!  :D

Hungry boy

Check out that Sam the Samurai hairline...he's all peach fuzz except for the ponytail he's growing in the back.  LOL

I love these chunky toes!

Uh oh...we found our thumb!

He turns me to MUSH!

Ugh!  I want to eat him!

My chunk-a-lunk

Sweet cheeks

Hi Sam!

Love that face!

He's looking out the window.  haha!

My pretty baby

Showing off those killer eye lashes!
Grammy and Sam

Uncle Kenny makes him laugh!

Sam loves cuddling with Auntie Em

Papa got to meet Sam this week and FELL IN LOVE!

Pop-Pop Dale and Mom-Mom stopped by too!  :)
Sam's lucky to have such an awesome aunt and uncle!
Pop, John and Sam --- Three generations!  :)
Here are a couple videos of play time...Sam's not a big fan of tummy time:

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