Friday, November 18, 2011

Smiles Aren't Free

Here's another somewhat random post full of cell phone pictures and videos.  :)  Sam is seven weeks old today!  Over the past week he has learned how to smile in response to us making fools of ourselves.  He makes us work for smiles...they aren't free or easy to come by. ;)  The last video in this post shows a little smile I got out of him this morning.  :D

I'm starting to realize all the nicknames we've given this little guy so far.  New ones come up everyday, but I thought I'd compile a little list of the main players in this name game.  I'm not sure if this kid will ever know his true name.

Sammy D Who Nugget --- Who Nuggz --- Nugget --- Pumpkin Pie --- Whoa Nells --- Munchkin Man --- Lovie --- Lovie Smith --- Sammy D-licious --- Scrumptious --- Pumpkin Head --- Sir Poops A lot --- Milk Drunk Love --- Chunk --- Chub-O-Lubz --- Stinker --- Nugg-A-Luggz  --- Nuggy Nuggies In His Huggies

Sam in his crib for the first time.  :)

We love lazy weekends.  :)

Aaaaahhh...Sundays :)

Get to the choppa!!!

Late night on the couch

I can't get enough!!!

Me and my Lovie Smith

Me and my neglected baby

So sleepy, Mom

Another Arrrrgggghhhh One-Eyed Sam pose.  lol

Hi Sam!

Smiles Aren't Free


  1. So, so, so sweet! Jennifer, he's adorable! And how cute is the one-eyed look! Enjoy that baby, as I am sure you are!

  2. Oh my, my heart tingles. Video's are great! But aahh I miss the "in person" thrill of seeing him be so amazing! He's so excited in that video talking to mommy. Again, counting the days! Love You!!! :)