Saturday, November 12, 2011

Six Weeks Old!

Sam is six weeks old!  :)  Just in the last two weeks he's advanced so much.  Now when you talk to him, he gets super excited and kicks his legs, breathes really fast and shakes his arms.  Sometimes he gets so excited he cracks a tiny smile...but he still doesn't have that down pat yet.  Here are some pictures from today.

Happy Boy

Grandmom Mamie's In Town!  :)
He LOVES talking on his changing table - he swings his arms and kicks his legs...SO CUTE!

He's more interested in his toys.  :)

Happy looking at his toys. :)

Sweet Baby

Our Little Jabba the Hut
Happy Jabba

This is what we call the "Puss 'N Boots Sad Face" - see below for explanation

Aaaccchhhhhoooo!  My little Goomba...he looks like the little mushroom guys on Mario when they get squished.  LOL

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  1. What a great post! I love all the pictures ~ especially the ones of him looking at the toys. :) So cute! He has grown so much since I've seen him! :)