Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Two Months Old!

Today Sam turned two months old!  He's full of smiles these days and is learning how to talk (...well babble)...and I'm LOVING every second of watching him grow!  Here are some photos from his big milestone today.  I'm also including some photos at the bottom from the past week (Thanksgiving week).  Sam was lucky enough to see almost ALL of his grandparents this holiday...which is pretty cool considering they live 500-1000 miles away!!!  :D

Hungry boy

Check out that Sam the Samurai hairline...he's all peach fuzz except for the ponytail he's growing in the back.  LOL

I love these chunky toes!

Uh oh...we found our thumb!

He turns me to MUSH!

Ugh!  I want to eat him!

My chunk-a-lunk

Sweet cheeks

Hi Sam!

Love that face!

He's looking out the window.  haha!

My pretty baby

Showing off those killer eye lashes!
Grammy and Sam

Uncle Kenny makes him laugh!

Sam loves cuddling with Auntie Em

Papa got to meet Sam this week and FELL IN LOVE!

Pop-Pop Dale and Mom-Mom stopped by too!  :)
Sam's lucky to have such an awesome aunt and uncle!
Pop, John and Sam --- Three generations!  :)
Here are a couple videos of play time...Sam's not a big fan of tummy time:

Friday, November 18, 2011

Smiles Aren't Free

Here's another somewhat random post full of cell phone pictures and videos.  :)  Sam is seven weeks old today!  Over the past week he has learned how to smile in response to us making fools of ourselves.  He makes us work for smiles...they aren't free or easy to come by. ;)  The last video in this post shows a little smile I got out of him this morning.  :D

I'm starting to realize all the nicknames we've given this little guy so far.  New ones come up everyday, but I thought I'd compile a little list of the main players in this name game.  I'm not sure if this kid will ever know his true name.

Sammy D Who Nugget --- Who Nuggz --- Nugget --- Pumpkin Pie --- Whoa Nells --- Munchkin Man --- Lovie --- Lovie Smith --- Sammy D-licious --- Scrumptious --- Pumpkin Head --- Sir Poops A lot --- Milk Drunk Love --- Chunk --- Chub-O-Lubz --- Stinker --- Nugg-A-Luggz  --- Nuggy Nuggies In His Huggies

Sam in his crib for the first time.  :)

We love lazy weekends.  :)

Aaaaahhh...Sundays :)

Get to the choppa!!!

Late night on the couch

I can't get enough!!!

Me and my Lovie Smith

Me and my neglected baby

So sleepy, Mom

Another Arrrrgggghhhh One-Eyed Sam pose.  lol

Hi Sam!

Smiles Aren't Free

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Six Weeks Old!

Sam is six weeks old!  :)  Just in the last two weeks he's advanced so much.  Now when you talk to him, he gets super excited and kicks his legs, breathes really fast and shakes his arms.  Sometimes he gets so excited he cracks a tiny smile...but he still doesn't have that down pat yet.  Here are some pictures from today.

Happy Boy

Grandmom Mamie's In Town!  :)
He LOVES talking on his changing table - he swings his arms and kicks his legs...SO CUTE!

He's more interested in his toys.  :)

Happy looking at his toys. :)

Sweet Baby

Our Little Jabba the Hut
Happy Jabba

This is what we call the "Puss 'N Boots Sad Face" - see below for explanation

Aaaccchhhhhoooo!  My little Goomba...he looks like the little mushroom guys on Mario when they get squished.  LOL

Monday, November 7, 2011

Recent Happenings

Well this is just a random post to let you know recent happenings.

We had such a great weekend when Aunt Nina and her awesome lasagna-makin', dish-washin', baby-lovin' mom, Aunt Mary, came to visit their Sammy D.  I feel so spoiled and grateful for having a best friend that became family to me and is always by my side for the important things that happen in my life, despite living 500 miles away.  I love you, Hooch!  <3

Aunt Nina and Sammy D

Apparently Sam is a comedian

Aunt Mary and Sammy D



I was kinda bummed because when it came time for Aunt Nina and Aunt Mary to leave on Sunday, Daddy also had to leave to go to Tampa for a whole WEEK!  I try not to think about the fact that he'll be missing out on one sixth of Sam's life by the time he gets home.  LOL  So on Sunday, Sam and I were left all by our lonesome.  We had fun watching lots of football though.  :)

We miss you, Daddy!


Other happenings:  Sam finally fits into his little monster outfit.  This was the first thing I bought him when I was pregnant.  I thought it was so cute.  It reminds me of one of my favorite books - Where The Wild Things Are.

Angry Little Monster

Sleepy Little Monster

And in closing - today Sam had his one month check-up at the doctor's.  He is 21.5 inches long and weighs 11lbs and half an ounce.  At birth he was 19.5 inches and 6lbs 15oz.  Right now, he is spot-on average for height at the 50th percentile and is a little chunkier than average at the 75th percentile for weight.  He's a nice healthy baby boy.  :D


Random Cell Phone Pictures and Videos

My remote control holder
Passed out on my shoulder

This thing is a life saver...frees up Mommy's hands :)

Haha!  Love him!

Tough Life

My sweet boy

My Little Stinker!