Monday, September 5, 2011

Baby Shower!

We had an amazing time at our baby shower this weekend!  :)  We owe a huge thank you to our awesome friends and family that helped pull it all together...planning these things long distance isn't exactly a piece of cake.  We are so grateful for all the gifts we've received and feel so loved and happy for all the excitement surrounding Sam's arrival.  He is one loved and spoiled kid already.  ;)

Here are a few pictures from our special day...

Happiness is ... Sammy D  :)

Candy Favors with Sam's Ultrasound Picture

The Set-Up :)
The Highlight of the Afternoon - The Poopy Diaper Game!
Daddy looking a little skeptical as he digs in...
Who thought chocolate could be so gross!

Uncle Kenny taking a peek inside...

Time for a taste test!  LOL

Grandpop scoping out the chocolatey mess...

Hmmm...what do we have here?

Game On! ...bring on the poopy diapers!!!

A big thank you to my baby brother for humiliating me in front of everyone.  ;)  Cried like a little baby over his gift...the book I used to read to him everyday when he was little...with a special note inside to Sammy.

Thank you, Uncle Kenny.

Love this cake!  Happiness is Sammy D...we can't wait til you're here!!!  <3

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  1. I am so sad I missed it......john john a real visual to the term "eat s-i.....LOL

    Jen, you are glowing. Blessings and hugs